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We’re Moving!

Posted in blogging, Personal with tags , , on June 13, 2008 by Johnathon

Well, its a big day for us here at j.zirk, we’re getting our hosting setup and getting our things transfered onto our new server.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend we’ll be up and going at our new location!  Be sure to bookmark our new address and check us out!  You can find us at!

Also, if you are looking to start a blog, do what we did and sign up with AN Hosting. They’ve got some great packages that will help you get started, and getting your own domain name is a great way to start building a loyal audience.


Starting a Blog

Posted in blogging with tags , , , , on June 12, 2008 by Johnathon

In this day and age, starting a blog is simple and easy. Almost anyone could figure it out. The hard part is maintaining the blog with interesting content. There are blogs for just about everything, so how can yours make it?

Start by finding a topic that interests you. Its much easier to entertain an audience when you like the subject, and you’ll attract and keep your crowd if you stick to a certain topic. If you post whatever you feel like, you may attract people for that one post, but most likely they will never return. Having a topic for your blog will keep those readers coming back for more.

Don’t expect an overnight success. Most blogs take a good while before they see any sort of devoted audience. Stay away from your stats page and don’t worry about how many people read that post you just published. People will see it. Once you start to establish your blog, people will learn about it and refer others who may be interested.

I’ll leave you with one more tip. Keep your posts simple and short. In most cases, people just look for short snippets of information on a blog. Make it easy for them and they’ll come back later to read more. Don’t take a paragraph or two to finally start the content. Start off with a bang!

Update: We’ve moved! To find us at our new location with more information about blogging, click here!

Blog Update

Posted in Apple, Personal with tags , , , , on June 7, 2008 by Johnathon

Here’s an update on some things.  The weather has been crappy.  Too crappy for any good photography, so I haven’t posted anything for a few days.  Due to the cruddy weather, I’m stuck inside, surfing the internet and digging around through iPhone rumors.  Hopefully this coming week will be more cooperative and I can get out shooting again.  And maybe pick up that new iPhone!

Maintaining a Blog

Posted in Design with tags , on June 2, 2008 by Johnathon

So there are a few websites I visit for inspiration and tips for design and blogging.  I figured everyone can also use a little extra help so here’s some links!

Upstart Blogger has a lot of great information regarding blogging and design.

Smashing Magazine is a collection of some great design resources.

I strongly encourage you to check these sites out!  As I add to my collection I’ll share more with you.

Starting Anew

Posted in Personal with tags on June 2, 2008 by Johnathon

So, with summer here I’ve finally got time to do this blogging stuff again. As you can tell, I’ve changed the site again. In an effort to start fresh I’ve deleted all my older posts as they are a couple of months old anyways. Hopefully you don’t mind! I’ll try to post every day, but it might be more every other day. I’ll be posting up a lot of my photography for people to see so check back soon for some new pictures!